Exceptional Trim and Back-of-House Simplicity



  • Bacon slow smoked over genuine Applewood logs
  • Exclusive smokers
  • Single-sliced layout style on parchment paper
  • Gas flushed
  • Shipped fresh
  • Thick sliced
  • Premium trimmed


  • Delivers a delicious on-trend taste profile
  • Infuses a deep, rich smoky flavor
  • Easy use and preparation
  • Preserves shelf life
  • Versatility in diverse cooking methods
  • Healthier bite
  • Less fat with better bacon taste


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Featuring a comprehensive product portfolio, Farmland is the pork that operators would be proud to serve their families.

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High-quality primal pork products makes Smithfield Farmland?셲 conventional pork product line fresh and all natural.

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