Best of the best: This legendary hog bloodline results in amazing taste. It all adds up to pork that offers an exceptional meal experience for your guests.

Smithfield DURoC Pork is superior in many ways:

  • Superior genetic source for improved eating quality.
  • Superior marbling or increased intramuscular fat for more juiciness and tenderness “naturally”.
  • Superior color and freshness through improved pH and state-of-the-art harvest methods.
  • Selected and segregated especially for stringent quality standards by Smithfield.



Smithfield DURoC Pork is USDA Process Verified쨔 and natural짼:

  • Product of the USA
  • No added hormones짼
  • No artificial ingredients
  • Minimally processed
  • No growth promotants

짼 Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in pork

To order, contact your Smithfield Farmland sales representative.

Find out how our Smithfield line, the platinum standard of pork products, can create a signature menu for you.

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Featuring a comprehensive product portfolio, Farmland is the pork that operators would be proud to serve their families.

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High-quality primal pork products makes Smithfield Farmland?셲 conventional pork product line fresh and all natural.

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