THE SCIENCE BEHIND THE SATISFACTION: Behind the scenes, Smithfield?셲 proprietary DURoC pork line, combined with our Process Verification Program and “Farm to Menu” approach, ensures that nothing but the best pork reaches a plate.


The Process Verification Program:

  • Hogs Born, Raised and Processed in the USA
  • National Pork Board PQA PLUS
  • Animal Handling & Welfare Monitoring
  • Meat Quality Monitoring
  • ISO 14001 Environmental System
  • All hogs are traceable to farm of origin

Consumer satisfaction with pork is driven by three primary components: Tenderness, Flavor, and Juiciness.

A “Farm to Menu” Approach:

  • Live Animal Production System Controls: Animal Breed/Genetic Selection Nutritional Program
  • Plant Processes: Animal Handling | CO2 Stun | Stun to Chill Time | Chilling Rate Product Selection
  • Cooking Practices
  • End-Point Temperature

Pork tenderness is affected by genetics, nutrition, animal handling, chilling and natural aging of meat cuts. Our Duroc has been selected for higher levels of marbling and a higher ultimate pH. The higher pH allows the natural pork juices to be retained in the cuts and higher levels of marbling reduces the fluid loss during cooking resulting in a juicy, palatable product.

Here, you can see how Smithfield DURoC Pork stands out in color and marbling values compared to other pork:

DURoC-Science-image-1 DURoC-Science-image-2

DURoC Hand-Selected values in shaded boxes. All data from Smithfield study comparing Smithfield All Natural Pork vs. retail competition 2012-13.


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